Commissioning Visit

If you have just invested in an ELCO product you will want to ensure it is set up and running to its optimum performance from day one, ensuring long term efficiency and longevity of your product. Arranging a Commissioning visit by one of our highly trained ELCO engineers ensures just that – plus also provides the product with an extended 18 month warranty at no extra cost.

We want to ensure that site and installation conditions allow for us to carry out the commissioning without the unwanted result of an abortive visit which is why we request for a ‘Pre-Commissioning Check Sheet’ to be completed and returned to us before a Commissioning visit.

Download the Maintenance and Service Price List

To request a commissioning visit please complete the below form – a member of our Service Team will then contact you to arrange the visit.

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  • e.g. 3 x Ultramax R602 Boilers, 1 x Pisces Minifill
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