Tudor NHRE

The Tudor NHRE range of open flued direct gas fired, high performance hot water heaters consists of five models, with outputs between 320 and 1,443 litres/hr of continuous secondary delivery at 50°C.

The range utilises high quality steel bodies with the best quality enamel lining, a combination that assures longevity and reliability.

Tudor NHRE water heaters are the perfect solution for hot water provision in a variety of commercial, industrial and domestic applications, with a range of storage capacities and heat inputs to suit.

  • High performance
  • Inspection and cleaning access
  • Powered active anode for cathodic protection
  • Fully drainable
  • Open vented or unvented applications
  • Non metallic casing
  • Tank guaranteed for three years
  • Timeclock option
  • Class A enamel lining for durability
  • Natural gas or LPG fired. NOX emissions to satisfy EN497
Water capacitylitres185275275350315
Output to waterkW18.728.937.45785
Peak 10 min delivery Δt 50Klitres238357381512557
1st hour delivery Δt 50Kl/h50577091613271772
Continuous delivery Δt 50Kl/h3204956419771457
Weight fullkg350471471595613
Max operating pressurebar77777