Thision® S Plus

The THISION® S Plus range of wall mounted gas fired condensing boilers provide the highest levels of seasonal efficiency, a low environmental impact and lifelong reliability. The range includes 3 units with heat outputs at 33.6kW, 44.9kw and 52.9kW @ 80/60°C.

The stainless steel heat exchanger is constructed using multi-pipes with generous wall thickness for strength and durability. These are configured in such a way to return the highest levels of efficiencies and are spaced to optimise flue gas temperature zones to ensure extremely low NOx and CO emissions for protection of the environment.

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  • In-built energy saving pump for improved efficiencies
  • Outside air sensor (QAC 34) included allowing weather variable flow temperatures to be delivered to the heating system
  • DHW sensor (QAZ 36) included as standard
  • Extensive flue lengths over considerable distances thanks to an over-pressure of 90 Pa
  • Turndown ratio up to 6:1
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger for lifetime efficiencies
  • Down-firing ceramic burner
  • Extremely low NOx emissions
  • 10 year guarantee with service plan uptake
Model 344654
Nominal heat output 80/60°CkW4.9-33.68.8-44.98.8-52.9
Nominal heat output 40/30°CkW5.3-36.39.8-48.79.8-57.3
Nominal heat input (net)kW37.9550.9459.93
Energy efficiency [1] ErP-RadiatorA/A+A/A+A/A+
Sound power leveldB(A)515051
Boiler seasonal efficiency%96.4296.5196.51
NOx emission @ 0% O2 mg/kWh22.0616.0421.06

1 Energy efficiency class ErP-Radiator (space heating): Product/System according to Directive 2010/30/EU and Regulation (EU) 811/2013