Thision L Evo Cascade

The cascade kit allows a modular system of up to eight boilers to be created and deliver a combined output of up to 1,160kW – currently the most powerful manufacturer-supplied cascade system available in the UK. There are three types of cascade system available: wall mounting in-line or free-standing in-line for two to six boilers and free-standing back-to-back for three to eight boilers. The cascade frame sets are available with either a standard low loss header or an optional header which incorporates dirt and air separation.

  • The cascade flue sets are purpose designed with matched kits of components fabricated from corrosion resistant PPS material also available.
  • Individual branches are connected into the main header via a swept arrangement to ensure minimum resistance to flow and they are engineered to provide the correct fall back towards the (included) condense waste outlet syphon.
  • Includes a non return valve in each individual boiler flue leg which prevents the possibility of flue gas recirculation  from operating appliances into any non-firing unit.
  • Cascade systems are available for “Wall-Mounting In-Line” for 2 to 6 boilers, “Free-Standing In-Line” for 2 to 6 boilers and Free-Standing Back-to-Back from 3 to 8 boilers.
  • Preformed easy to fit insulation sets, which not only reduce heat loss and plant room temperatures but also create pleasing aesthetics for the completed cascade installation.