The THISION® L ECO combines high quality engineering with state-of-the-art components to produce a class-leading boiler. Designed to deliver in the toughest conditions, the THISION® L ECO will ensure maximum durability and efficiencies for its entire life cycle. Outstanding features include:

  • Unique heat exchanger with HEX geometry for class leading NOx and CO emissions.
  • Robust stainless steel heat exchanger with specially engineered smooth tubes ensure direct heat transfer.
  • Extensive cascade arrangements up to 960kW.

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  • Highly efficient combustion – the heat exchanger’s unique HEX geometry, combined with a flat bed burner, produces maximum efficiency with class-leading NOx and CO emissions.
  • Robust and durable – specially engineered smooth tubes ensure direct heat transfer, plus a down-firing arrangement avoids contamination of the heat exchanger.
  • Integrated non-return valve – allows easy connection of the flue system, without loss of residual fan pressure.
  • Full external control – connecting with a Building Management System is possible by using the available connectivity options: OpenTherm, On/Off or 0–10V.
  • Extensive cascade control options – a built-in cascade controller provides quick and simple system optimisation
  • Plug & Play – boilers and accessories have been specifically designed for quick, simple and effective installation, as well as easy set up of cascade functions.
  • Cascade packages – in-line or back-to-back arrangements up to 8 boilers offer a wide range of system configurations and outputs up to 960kW.
Model 70100120
Nominal heat output 80/60°CkW60.195.0120.0
Nominal heat output 50/30°CkW65.0102.50130.0
Nominal heat input Full load NetkW61.897.3123.0
Nominal heat input Full load GrosskW9.015.218.0
Energy efficiency* ErP-RadiatorA--
Boiler seasonal efficiency* (gross)%96.896.596.2
NOx emissionsmg/kWh313233