The THISION EVO WH range of gas-fired condensing hot water generators from ELCO UK delivers high volumes of hot water and consistently high efficiencies thanks to its inventive design. A gas fired, low emission condensing boiler from the THISION L range is utilised in combination with a stainless steel storage vessel of 250 or 500 litres.

  • Stainless steel
  • Extremely high efficiencies
  • Factory pre-assembled
  • Option of open or room sealed flue
  • Vented or unvented application
  • Fully modulating premix burner
  • Low emissions
  • 2 year guarantee – first year’s service included
THISION EVO WH Model 70120
Energy efficiency 1 ErP-RadiatorA-
Sound power leveldB(A)55-
Nominal outputkW65.5111.9
Weight with 250 litre vessel (full)kg437454
Weight with 500 litre vessel (full)kg697714
Max operating pressurebar66
Hot water delivery with 250 litre vessel
Peak 10 minute delivery ∆t 50klitres437569
I st hour delivery ∆t 50kl/h13722168
Continuous delivery ∆t 50kl/h11221918
Performance with 500 litre vessel
Peak 10 minute delivery ∆t 50klitres687819
I st hour delivery ∆t 50kl/h16222418
Continuous delivery ∆t 50kl/h11221918
Hot water storage vessel capacity250 litre500 litre
Energy efficiency1

1 Energy efficiency class ErP-Radiator space heating according to Directive 2010/30/EU and Regulation (EU) 811/2013

Energy Efficiency Class ErP-WWSpeicher  Hot water storage tanks according to Directive 2010/30/EU and Regulation EU812/2013