Nexus Dual Zone ID/D

NEXUS DUAL Zone ID/D is a wall hanging unit with a combination of 1 indirect outlet connection and 1 direct outlet connection. The indirect outlet is separated from the centralised system via a nominal 20kW plate heat exchanger and is controlled via modulating type motorised valve which can supply reduced temperatures for underfloor circuits

The direct zone outlet delivers centralised system water at full district temperature typically to the indirect coil of a hot water cylinder.

  • Automatic balancing control (DPCV)
  • Option to include a heat meter
  • Up to 20kW heat transfer
  • Inclusive of circulation pump,10ltr expansion vessel and safety valve relief valve
  • One direct zone outlet with a motorised valve for serving an indirect hot water cylinder
  • One indirect zone outlet with a modulating motorised valve and temperature control for serving underfloor heating circuits.
Nominal primary inlet temperature°C85
Nominal heat transfer CHkW14
Residual pump head for htg @ 0.16 l/skPa38
Nominal heat transfer HWkW20
Dimensions W x D x Hmm675 x 158 x 664
  • Heat meters with optional Mbus, Pulse In/Out or RF output for remote reading or Pre-payment facilities.
  • Water meters (For external fitting)