Nexus Dual Zone ID

NEXUS DUAL Zone ID is a wall hanging unit with a single plate heat exchanger of nominal heat transfer up to 20kW. Integrated into the hydraulic circuit of the secondary side of the unit are 2 motorised valves, which typically would serve a remotely sited domestic hot water cylinder and a central heating circuit.

The unit includes the facility to connect external time and temperature controls.

  • Automatic balancing control (DPCV)
  • Option to include a heat meter
  • White painted casing with hinged front door
  • Up to 20kW heat transfer
  • Inclusive of circulation pump, 10ltr expansion vessel and safety valve relief valve
  • Serves 2 circuits each with a motorised valve, i.e. a central heating circuit and hot water cylinder
  • Performance 
    Nominal inlet temperature°C85
    Nominal heat transfer HWkW20
    Residual pump head for htg @ 0.23l/skPa40
    All connectionsBSP-MG3/4"
    Dimensions W x D x Hmm517 x 158 x 664
  • Heat meters with optional Mbus, Pulse In/Out or RF output for remote reading or Pre-payment facilities.
  • Water meters (For external fitting)