Nexus S-FS

This new heat interface storage unit has been re-engineered to improve functionality and its suitability for large residential developments.

NEXUS S-FS is a floor standing, fully cased indirect unit with a single plate heat exchanger available for central heating heat transfer up to 20kW or input to the integral ELCO UK VISTRON AB Indirect unvented hot water storage cylinder.

Units with cylinder capacities of 80, 130, 150, 215, 255 and 305 litres are available. 

  • Automatic balancing control
  • Ultrasonic Heat Meter – MID Class 2, RHI Compliant
  • White painted casing with removable panels
  • Up to 20kW Fixed temperature central heating output
  • Integral central heating pump, 8ltr expansion vessel and 3 bar safety valve
  • WRAS Approved cylinder and controls
  • 25 Year warranty on cylinder body
  • Factory fitted immersion heater
  • Integral self sealing trap for safety valve pipework
  • Isolation valves
PerformanceS-FS 80S-FS 130S-FS 150S-FS 215S-FS 255S-FS 305
Nominal primary inlet temperature°C858585858585
Max primary pressurebar888888
Nominal heat transfer HWkW171717202020
Recovery time of cylinder rt 50Kmin172731384554
Peak 10 min HW deliveryl128178198272312362
1st hr HW deliveryl/h371421441557597647
Continuous HW deliveryl/h291291291342342342
Output to central heating (max)kW202020202020
Residual pump head for htg @ 0.23 l/skPa404040404040
CH circuit expansion vessel capacityl121212121212
Primary connections3/4"MI3/4"MI3/4"MI3/4"MI3/4"MI3/4"MI
CH circuit connectionsmm222222222222
Domestic cold / hot water connectionsmm222222222222
Max cold water inlet pressurebar121212121212
Max hot water outlet pressurebar3.
Weight empty / fullkg74/15485/21592/242110/325121/376142/447
Dimensions W x D x Hmm570x600x1635570x600x1927570x600x2055850x600x1885850x600x2147850x600x2350
  • Heat meters with optional Mbus, Pulse In/Out or RF output for remote reading or Pre-payment facilities.
  • Water meters (For external fitting)
  • Limescale reducer (For external fitting)