Nexus Futura Bitherm

NEXUS FUTURA BITHERM is an indirect wall mounted type module which provides central heating heat transfer up to 19kW and instantaneous hot water production heat transfer upto 70kW. The connections from the centralised system are located at the top of the unit and the connections for the dwelling are at the bottom of the unit, however transition jig plates are available to transform the connections to all-at-the-bottom or all-at-the-top.

A central heating system pump, expansion vessel, filling point and water pressure gauge are included.

  • Automatic balancing control
  • Central heating pump, expansion vessel and 4 bar safety valve
  • Ultrasonic heat meter – MID Class 2, RHI Compliant
  • White painted casing with hinged, lockable door
  • Digital HWS temperature control
  • 5kW up to 70kW HWS output options
  • Up to 20kW central heating output options
  • Integral filling point, pressure gauge and auto air vent
Domestic Hot Water
Heat exchanger materialAISI 316 stainless steel
Nominal heat exchange capacity40kW
Primary Circuit
Nominal flow rate0.17 l/s
Hydraulic resistance8.5 kPa
Primary temperatures80/22.8 ºC
Secondary Circuit
Nominal flow rate14.28l/min
Nominal hydraulic resistance11.0 kPa
Nominal temperature rise10 - 50ºC (Δt 40K)
Central heating
Heat exchanger materialAISI 316 stainless steel
Nominal heat exchange capacity19kW
Primary Circuit
Nominal flow rate0.173 l/s
Hydraulic resistance8.7 kPa
Primary temperatures80/54 ºC
Secondary Circuit
Nominal flow rate0.22 l/s
Secondary temperatures70/50 ºC
Residual head of pump @ 0.22 l/s (max speed)43 kPa
Weight40kg (Nominal)

The data in the table above is an example only and is relative to the very popular 40kW HWS model.
Contact Elco UK / MHS Boilers for data on other models within the Nexus Futura Bitherm range.

  • Heat meters with optional M-Bus, Pulse In/Out or RF output for remote reading or Pre-payment facilities.
  • Adjustable heating temperature – for underfloor heating systems.
  • HWS recirculation system.
  • Plumbing Jig, Flushing bypass, Isolation valves.
  • Buffer vessels, Low loss headers
  • Water meters (For external fitting)

Residents at the new Lakeshore development at Imperial Park, Bristol will benefit from sustainable heating and hot water thanks to 270 NEXUS FUTURA BITHERM wall-mounted units from ELCO UK (formerly MHS Boilers). As part of a major renovation and joint partnership between Urban Splash and the Homes and Communities Agency, the Grade II listed building consists of studio, one and two bedroom apartments.

The original building dates back to 1974 and was formerly the Imperial Tobacco headquarters. The futuristic design was clad in Cor-ten steel, designed to give the building an 800 year life span. Emphasising the development’s commitment to sustainable construction, a geothermal borehole heating and hot water system has been incorporated. The M&E contractor for the installation was Cheltenham-based CF Roberts.

The NEXUS heat interface units are part of a district heating scheme which delivers heating and hot water at the Urban Splash development. With the growing popularity of district, network or community heating systems, NEXUS from ELCO UK provides the link between the centralised heating plant and a dwelling or small business unit. Whether the requirement is for a direct type unit or an indirect unit, for build-into-the-wall or for wall-hanging, with or without heat or water metering or with connections top/bottom or all on one plane – ELCO UK has a comprehensive solution with NEXUS.