Nexus Dual Circuit ID

The Nexus Dual Circuit ID is a compact wall mounted interface unit suitable for studio flats and up to 2/3 bedroom apartments where stored hot water and indirect apartment heating are required from separate appliances.


  • Delivery of max. 15kW to remote DHW cylinder coil (if DHW priority)
  • Heating output up to 15kW
  • Wall mounted design
  • Top and bottom connections
  • Hydraulic separation between primary and apartment heating & DHW circuits
  • Shared or DHW priority over heating (specify when ordering)
  • Indirect connection from primary circuit to DHW cylinder coil
  • Stored DHW (cylinder supplied separately) and secondary heating
  • Insulated copper brazed AISI 316 stainless steel plate heat exchanger from SWEP
  • Unique ModFlow modulating Pressure independent control valve (PICV functionality)
  • Microprocessor controls
  • Electronic temperature control of secondary heating/DHW cylinder primary
  • Mechanical temperature control of stored DHW via remote cylinder thermostat
  • Insulated painted steel case (RAL 9010) with lockable door
  • High efficiency ErP compliant modulating secondary heating high torque pump from Wilo
  • 4bar rated pressure relief valve on secondary heating circuit
  • Pressure gauge on secondary heating circuit
  • 8.5 litre expansion vessel on secondary heating circuit
  • Primary circuit strainer
  • Interface with external programmer(s) for time/temp control (volt free contact)
  • Prepaid billing integration
Performance Data:E8ASN-Wx42
Primary Flow Temperature°C85
Primary Return Temperature°C65
Primary Flow Ratel/min11
Primary Pressure DropkPa18
Remote DHW Cylinder Coil RatingkW15
Cylinder Coil Flow Temperature°C80
Cylinder Coil Return Temperature°C60
Cylinder Coil Flow Ratel/min11
Heating OutputkW15
Heating Flow Temperature°C80
Heating Return Temperature°C60
Heating Flow Ratel/min10.8
Residual Pump Head (Δp-c) @ 80/60 °CkPa48
Residual Pump Head (Δp-v) @ 80/60 °CkPa36