Instant HW Station

A range of 3 modules with instantaneous hot water delivery capability of up to 47 l/min with a primary supply temperature of 55°C.

The range of Instant Hot Water Stations is available in 3 module sizes (30, 40 and 50) and should be supplied with primary energy from a buffer vessel. This should typically be supplied for a time period of 10 minutes to maintain domestic hot water delivery temperature without recharging. As an alternative, primary energy may be supplied directly from a LTHW boiler system.

  • Inclined mounting position of the water-to-water heat exchanger ensures rapid cooling after operation to a non-critical level – reducing the tendency for deposition of calcium in the heat exchanger.
  • Reduced risk of bacterial contamination as non-storage
  • Wall mounted
  • High flow
  • Option of secondary circulation pump
  • Resistant to scaling
Instant hot water station 304050
Nom hot water flow rate*l/min323847
DHW Temperature range°C30 – 6030 – 6030 – 60
Max primary temperature°C959595
Max DHW operating pressurebar101010
Max primary operating pressurebar333
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm450 x 800 x 315450 x 800 x 315450 x 800 x 315
Water connectionsBSP1”1”1”
Min recommended primary buffer vollitres300400500
Max elec power consumption (230V)W99218218