• AURON solar thermal from ELCO
  • AURON solar thermal from ELCO
  • AURON solar thermal from ELCO


AURON DF from ELCO UK is a direct flow-through vacuum tube collector which has been developed for both domestic hot water and back-up heating.

It has an extremely flexible and stable mounting system to make alignment towards the sun simple. Together with the innovative hydraulic construction of the collector, every possible variation of roof, wall and floor positioning is available to the installer.

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  • Solar Keymark certified
  • Exceptionally well-suited for solar hot water generation plus heating back-up
  • Simple yet comprehensive mounting system
  • Mountings for pitched or flat roofs, ground or facades
  • Hydraulics optimised for range of connection options
  • Highly reliable and long lifespan
  • Highly efficient harnessing of solar energy
  • Good operational performance in the UK temperate climate
  • Problem-free expandability

Model AURON® 15 DFAURON® 20 DF
Number of vacuum tubes1520
Absorber aream 21.52.0
Aperture aream 21.582.11
Gross collector aream 22.633.51
Dimensions (width x height)mm1380 x 19101840 x 1910
Weight (inc tubes, pitched/flat roof)kg62 / 7379 / 90
Collector capacitylitres4.35.7
Maximum working pressurebar66

ELCO supplied 24m2 of AURON® DF evacuated tube solar collectors and a 1380 litre solar buffer vessel, along with an Ultramax 85kW wall-mounted condensing boiler and pressurisation manager to the new Rayleigh Weir fire station in Essex.

With sustainability and energy efficiency at the heart of the fire station’s design, the solar thermal system complements a ground source heat pump and innovative design to create a very green building.

The £4.5 million building is being built by Mullaley and Company, designed and project managed by Hunters and incorporates a single-storey four-bay garage, a training tower, and a two-storey administration and accommodation block. Basildon and Castle Point Community Command will also be based there, providing fire safety and administrative functions. The station will also provide a home for youth schemes to help with the behaviour of youngsters who have had difficulties at school or have been involved in crime.

The solar thermal installation was completed by MHS Boilers’ preferred installation company TCS Group. TCS Group’s Technical Sales Director, Simon Simmons said: “The evacuated tubes from MHS Boilers were very easy to install, and thanks to their clever design, can be oriented to provide the optimum angle to the sun. The free energy generated by the sun will add to the already strong green credentials of this innovative building.”