News release: ELCO’s TRIGON® XL boiler shortlisted for HVR Awards

ELCO Heating Solutions is proud to have been announced as a finalist for the HVR Awards 2018. The company has made the shortlist for ‘Commercial Heating Product of the Year’, with the TRIGON® XL floor standing commercial boiler vying for the accolade. Winners will be announced at the awards dinner, which takes place at The Chelsea Harbour Hotel, London, in October.

Commenting on the company’s achievement, Ian Bradley, Managing Director at ELCO Heating Solutions, said: “We are delighted to be shortlisted for the HVR Awards. Our gas condensing boilers continue to develop and evolve in order to provide customers with the very latest technologies, so it’s great for the company’s hard work and commitment to be recognised by the industry.”

The TRIGON® XL range offers a wealth of benefits, including: ultra-low NOx emissions complying with class 6 requirements, an 8 bar working pressure, 30k flow/return temperature differential, superb seasonal efficiencies and an ultra-compact footprint.

With an 8 bar maximum working pressure, TRIGON® XL is also compatible with higher buildings without the need for hydraulic system separation. Further bolstering its credentials, a 30K flow/return temperature differential allows easier integration with district heating systems while maintaining optimum efficiency.

The boiler’s impressive low NOx emissions are achieved by utilising a commercially proven premix-burner system, which includes a fully modulating, water cooled cold flame burner. This is combined with an optimised combustion system and stainless steel heat exchanger to provide a reliable and robust lifetime performance – while also offering gross seasonal efficiencies up to 97.5%.

TRIGON® XL has also been cleverly designed to make commercial installations straightforward. Firstly, all models are designed to pass through standard 760mm wide doors, while factory fitted cargo wheels allow the boiler to be easily manoeuvred into its final position. Secondly, for applications where access is restricted, such as rooftop plant rooms, the TRIGON® XL range has a modular assembly – allowing a boiler to be dismantled and reassembled in half a working day.

Furthermore, thanks to a low water content design, the TRIGON® XL has a lightweight construction, which helps deliver superb response times and reduced running costs.