Care home receives heating upgrade from ELCO

ELCO Heating Solutions has supplied five THISION® L EVO 120kW boilers to Westhaven House in Weymouth.

The installation was part of the complete refurbishment of the heating and hot water system at the Dorset-based care home, with the aim to reduce energy use, emissions and running costs.

This involved the property owners, Aster, removing two ageing atmospheric boilers and two direct gas-fired water heaters, which had all reached the end of their operating lifecycle and were extremely inefficient to run. They were replaced by a floor mounted cascade system consisting of five THISION® L EVO boilers and two 500L Gemini calorifiers from ELCO.

In addition, ELCO also supplied a weather compensation kit, while the boilers’ built in control is managing the system pumps and diverter valves for two heating zones and the DHW.

Westhaven House was built in 2006 and comprises 54 flats for enhanced sheltered accommodation. Residents benefit from a range of care facilities, with Extra-Care staff available on-site 24/7. Due to the latest technological advancements offered by the new ELCO heating equipment, the property and its occupants are benefiting from highly efficient heating and hot water production. Furthermore, the new boilers also ensure ultra-low NOx performance of 40mg/kWh, reduced CO2 emissions and considerable gas savings over the year.

Dave Chapman, Commercial Heating Manager for Aster, said: “We wanted to make big changes to the care home’s old heating system by removing the old atmospheric boilers and direct fired water heaters and upgrading them to gas fired boilers with calorifiers. Having successfully installed the THISION® L EVO boilers on another site, where they have operated faultlessly for months, they were the obvious choice for the Westhaven project.

“We have increased the overall output of the system to maximise hot water delivery, with the modulating capability of the cascade arrangement sure to deliver excellent efficiencies. We’re so pleased with the new boilers and the service provided by ELCO that they’ve already been specified on another one of our projects.”

The refurbishment started following the failure of an atmospheric boiler, leaving the care home with reduced output and limited DHW. Aster called ELCO’s local Area Sales Manager, Alan Hough, to help remedy the issue, with ELCO providing an initial two THISION® L EVO boilers within 24hrs, which were fitted and operational within days of delivery. This was followed by the installation of a further three units, bringing the total cascade setup to five and the required total output.

During the refurbishment, the care home and its occupants required a continuous supply of hot water. With careful planning prior to the installation, Dave and his team were able to remove the water heaters from the system and utilise the new calorifiers for hot water production until the THISION® L EVO boilers had been commissioned.

Part of the success of the project was the design of the cascade rig and the combined flue system, which allowed for rapid installation and minimal downtime. Dave added: “The installation has gone very smoothly, with the equipment now fully operational and supplying highly efficient heating and hot water to the property. Had it not been for some nesting seagulls around the flue outlet on the roof, it would have been even quicker job!”

THISION® L EVO is range of highly efficient wall mounted gas-fired condensing boilers with outputs from 60kW to 140kW. The boilers utilise the finest technological features and components, offering customers a highly flexible unit that can be specified for an extensive range of applications. Outstanding features include: a flat metal fibre cold flame burner for extremely low NOx emissions; a robust stainless steel heat exchanger with double wall geometry providing superb heat transfer; extensive cascade arrangements for powerful and flexible systems; plus the latest control functionality to ensure optimum performance.