PISCES Pressurisation Units from ELCO UK include Masterfill and Minifill units, which provide the ideal means for automatically topping up and maintaining the cold fill pressure in wet central heating and chilled water systems.


  • Compact dimensions
    Designed to be compact, the Minifill units measure just 600h x 382w x 282d and include traditional componentry of break tank and pressure pumps without compromising on serviceability and are suitable for floor or wall mountin
  • Ease of adjustment
    Simple to set up, regardless of type, whether it is the mechanical version of Minifill or any of the Electronic models, setting the operational parameters is straight forward and speedily done.
  • Meets requirements of water regulations
    Utilising components where necessary that satisfy the requirements of the Water Regulations and including Type AF Air Gaps, all Pisces Pressurisation Managers may be used on systems with Category 4 (C4) Fluids.
  • System first filling function
    The Electronic versions of the Minifill Units have a special feature which allows them to be put in a “system filling mode”.
  • High & low level system pressure protection
    All models include the facility to be interlocked to the system to bring about a safety shutdown of the boiler plant and system pumps or chiller plant in the event of a high or low pressure limit fault.





Model MinifillMinifill ElectronicMinifill Electronic Twin
Unit typeSingle pump / Single outletSingle pump / Single outletTwin pump / Single outlet
Cold fill pressure range0.8 - 3.0bar0.8 - 3.0bar0.8 - 3.0bar
Power supply230v 1 Phase 50Hz230v 1 Phase 50Hz230v 1 Phase 50Hz
Full load current2.5A2.5A2.5A
Start current14.8A14.8A14.8A
Fuse rating10.0A10.0A10.0A
Pump motor0.66kW0.66kW0.66kW
Break tank air gapType AFType AFType AF
Weight empty/full15/21kg22/27kg28/32kg
Water inlet connectionA½" BSP M½" BSP M½" BSP M
Warning pipe connectionB28mm compression28mm compression28mm compression
Water outlet connectionC15mm compression15mm compression15mm compression
Electrical connection accessDMulti cable glandsMulti cable glandsMulti cable glands