Nexus Futura IS

The NEXUS FUTURA IS is a wall mounting type which provides direct central capacity up to nominal 35kW and instantaneous hot water production via a plate type heat exchanger with heat transfer up to 41kW. The  connections from the centralised system are located at the top of the unit and the connections for the dwelling are at the bottom of the unit, however transition jig plates are available to transform the connections to all-at-the-bottom or all-at-the-top.

  • Automatic balancing control
  • Ultrasonic Heat Meter – MID Class 2, RHI Compliant
  • White painted casing with hinged, lockable door
  • Digital HWS temperature control
  • 5kW up to 70kW HWS output options
  • Up to 25kW Central Heating output options
Domestic hot water
Heat exchanger materialAISI 316 stainless steel
Nominal heat exchange capacity41kW
Primary Circuit
Nominal flow rate0.278 l/s
Hydraulic resistance17.3 kPa
Primary temperatures80/45ºC
Secondary Circuit
Nominal flow rate14.6 l/min
Nominal hydraulic resistance11.54 kPa
Nominal temperature rise10 - 50ºC (Δt 40K)
Central Heating
Heat exchanger materialNone - direct type
Nominal heating service (max)35 kW
Nominal Flow (max)0.41 l/s
Resistance @ 0.41 l/s37.59 kPa
Weight25kg (Nominal)
  • Heat meters with optional Mbus, Pulse In/Out or RF output for remote reading or Pre-payment facilities
  • HWS recirculation system
  • Plumbing Jig, Flushing bypass, Isolation valves
  • Buffer vessels, Low loss headers
  • Water meters (For external fitting)